Guest Strips

Joe Loves Crappy Movies
Canned Ham
Bored and Evil
the Outer Circle
the Offchance
Bug and Slug
Life of Convenience A thank you comic for J Clark of Life of Convenience for helping me with a musical suggestions on a CD I was creating.
the Fray This one I just put together to thank Rob Niedojadlo for his great work on the Fray.
Reasons Why We Rule During exam times the creators of Reasons Why We Rule needed some comics to fill the void so I pitched in.
Freak Central Brian Maze of Freak Central needed some guest strips during busy times so I put together this for him.
Bug and Slug - A strip I made for Tim of Bug and Slug as he had endless problems with his computer.
No Pants Tuesday - This is a strip that I made for No Pants Tuesday that never ended up being posted.
Theater Hopper - This was my first web comic ever (way back on March 12th, 2003) and was for a guest week at Theater Hopper. Take a look at how ugly me and Tracy look in this comic. yikes!
The Art of
David Buist