Tuesday, April 8th, 2003

Wow, it's only the third comic and I am already busting out the short jokes. I blame it on the weather. I can't believe that we are still getting this much snow in April. I actually got a snow day from work last Friday (which ruled!). It was nice to get the day off but it really caught me by surprise. It finally looked like the spring weather was coming and then we had a weird snow storm.

In case people are wondering, I live up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and at this point in time I am very thankful that I have underground parking. I have never been a big fan of shovelling snow or scapping off my car but then again who is?

Tracy thought that today's comic was exactly like me. I love to watch all the extra footage from movies and learn all the pointless little facts. She was quite "impressed" when I got the Special edition Lord of the Rings DVD set and basically sat down for the weekend and watched pretty much everything.