Thursday, April 17th, 2003

The comic was a few hours late this morning because my computer died last night on me. Luckily I had todays comic already uploaded before it did and was able to do the rest from here at work. I am really hoping that it is only the power supply because I have a lot of unsaved data and it would suck to have to redo a lot of it. I have a few comics and songs that I was working on that have not been backed up. It just died out of nowhere on Tracy while she was using Power Point so I am hoping that it is just a power issue.

Tracy said she is going to try and bring it in today for fixing so it should not effect next Tuesdays comic. I just hope that I don't have to rebuild it. At least it is a long weekend so I will have time to do that if it needs to be done.

I can't believe that the Mighty Ducks pulled off a sweep on the Red Wings (I definitly did not make that pick in my pool). Also, Leafs lost in triple overtime but hopefully they can get the win on Saturday. It's definitly an intense series and should stay that way until the end.

Enough blabbing from me for now though cause I have to get to work. Have a great Easter (if that is what you are into) or just enjoy the long weekend and mass amounts of chocolate.