Thursday, April 24th, 2003

In case anyone was wondering, I am a pretty big music fan and have a pretty decent collection going now. I am into a pretty wide variety of styles but mainly listen to a less mainstream music. I have nothing against mainsteam music (well maybe a bit at time) but I have just grown up going to small shows and enjoying the music involved with this. I am not a music snob or an indie nerd with think framed glasses or anything like that.

Some recent buys have been the Star's (a pretty poppy band out of Montreal), Flashlight Brown (a punk band from Guelph), All Skanadian Club (a ska comp put out by Stomp Records), and Black Box Recorder (an excellent band from the UK somewhere). I am really looking forward for the new release from Bauer which should be an amazing CD and I also would like to pick up Atom and his Package's new CD. This seems to be where all my money gets blown.

I was too bad that Toronto couldn't pull out a win Tuesday night to move on in playoff. It was pretty nice to see Vancouver carry on though and quite a surprise to see the Wild advance over the Avalanche.