Thursday, May 29th, 2003

I think this is the only way to explain why the Mighty Ducks are in the Stanley Cup finals and why Giguere is playing so amazingly. They have been having an unbelievable playoff run so far and continue to surprise all the critics (geez, they lost me points in every round of my playoff pool).

Well, I am learning Php now so one day you may see this page shift over. So far I have only had one class and it seems like a pretty powerful program. I knew a bit about it before hand but I think after this class I will know if I want to adopt it or not.

Last night I went and checked out a tribute concert for a local artist called Mayor McCA. If you get a chance to go and see him do it. He is a great musician and a great guy. It was a tribute that was put on by friends to help him pay for pressing his latest CD. You could see that he really appreciated it and was totally in awe that the whole thing was happening. Keep your eyes open for the album lmnop which should be out soon. If you want some of his older stuff I would really suggest He is Me.

Have a great weekend everyone.