Tuesday, June 10th, 2003

Wow, cool how things happen. If you remember last Tuesday I put a link up and some much deserved good words for Bug and Slug, a new web comic. Well this week Taking the Bi-pass is the 'Web Comic of the Week' over there. So if you didn't take my advice last week then I would suggest you go now and check it out. I think you will be quite happy that you did.

In todays comic you may notice that we have a new cast memeber. That is my brother Matt, the Pez junky extrodenaire. I think pretty much every time you will see him in this strip he will most likely be wearing a Pez t-shirt. That is because I think that is all that he owns. I'm sure he will be back to deliver some equally cheesy jokes in the future (which is a line my sister gave me to begin with).

Also, you may notice the snazzy t-shirt that I am wearing in the comic. It is a 'I am made of poison' shirt from WIGU that always seems start up conversation when ever I wear is. Unfortunately there was a sale on these shirts that just recently ended. Don't worry however because there are new designs on the way and even if you aren't going to get a shirt the webcomic is well worth the press on the link.