Thursday, July 3rd, 2003

I don't have too much to talk about today. I have had a pretty lazy week so there isn't much to talk about there and I don't really feel like checking out any of the movies coming out this weekend. However, it will be pretty interesting to see how Terminator 3 does at the box office. I don't know if it will pull off what the other ones did and I still find it pretty crazy that Arnold Schwarzenegger got paid $30 million for this movie. It isn't like he has made any sort of blockbuster in quite a while. This could be the end of Arnies action films if this is a bomb.

I believe the next movie I am looking forward to is Pirates of the Caribean which I still don't know about. This one has the potential to be pretty good or really bad. I don't expect it to be an amazing script or anything but just an average fun action/adventure type of movie. I also think that League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has some potential but again it can go either way and I may wait for that one on video.

Another one that could be fun is Freddy vs. Jason. People talked about this one for years and now it is happening. I am just expecting this one to be a fun and not so serious film to just sit back and watch. I always liked Freddy better myself.

Catch you next Tuesday.