Tuesday, July 29th, 2003

This week Taking the Bi-pass is being featured as in the UP AND COMERS section over at Shadey Theatre. They gave me a really nice review on the page that you should go and read if you have some time and don't forget to check out the Shadey Theatre comic as well.

Everyone should also head over to Movie Punks and check out the great storyline going on right now. You should start a few comics back before jumping right into this one to fully understand what is going on. Starting here should probably do but if you have never read Movie Punks I would suggest reading all of them because it is a really great comic.

Carrington (the artist and writer of Movie Punks) also advises "...if you are a new reader and haven't read the Maltese Dodo strips you should go check them out or you'll probably get lost. To get up to speed, head back and read the Maltese Dodo story, which runs from comic #138 up to comic #149. Then read the Maltese Dodo chase scene that originally ran back through the comic archives (it's now in the special features section)."

Over the weekend I also received two printed books from another great web cartoonist over at Martin's Misdirection. Both books look really great and are super funny reads. I suggest heading over and ordering up some of your own. At only $6 US a piece how can you possibly go wrong.