Thursday, August 7th, 2003

I have some more really cool comics for everyone to check out. All three of these are pretty new to me and hopefully you will give them a chance. I have also exchanged links with all three which is really nice since they are all really cool.

The first that I came across was Mouser which is a comic about mice and monkeys and experiments (how can you go wrong). It is also going to a two day a week schedule so you can get twice as much of it on a weekly basis!

Second, I found Hello Cruel World. This is a pretty new comic and is about life after college by Ron Braun who also appears to be a music fan which is pretty cool as well.

Finally, very recently I was introduced to Mod Comics which I am really enjoying. So, read my comic and head on over to these sites ASAP and come on back here on Tuesday for some more. I have also added all of them to the links section for your future enjoyment.