Thursday, August 28th, 2003

In case people don't know about Monkey POX they should check out this comic.

I went down to a local indie theatre tonight (A great little theatre/cafe in Hamilton called The Staircase Theatre) and checked out the documentary 'Crumb' about Robert Crumb. Before the movie I knew very little of Crumb and only seen bits and pieces of his work. If you don't know who Robery Crumb is, he is a underground cartoon artist who began doing work in the 60's. Some of the stuff you probably know of his are 'Keep on Truckin' and Felix the Cat (which it talked about briefly and how he had nothing to do with the film and actually hated and killed off the character shortly after).

Anyways, it was a weird film which showed very honest and frank interviews with Crumb, his family and his friends. It really digs into Crumbs past and they don't seem to hold back on anything. It ends up showing a very strange family and gives a lot of opinion on the works of Crumb but leaves it open for the viewer to decide what they think.

Also this week I saw Freddy vs. Jason. I really have to admit that I enjoyed this one a lot. It really held true to the old style of slasher movies and came off really well. It isn't one that is going to make you use your brain much but it was enjoyable all the same. I'd write more but I got to get a few more things done tonight.