Thursday, September 18th, 2003

I hope that everyone saved their 3D glasses from Spy Kids 3 cause here it is, comic number 50 in all it's 3D glory (if you don't have glasses I have put a 2D version up as well that you can see by pressing here).

I hope that this effect works for everyone. I know it isn't perfect but I am hoping to give this effect another try in the future and hopefully make it a little cleaner. I wanted to do something a little special for the occasion of the 50th comic and I finally came up with the idea of 3D. Also, if you have never been here before you probably don't fully understand the joke. It is in reference to this comic.

If you are wondering who the band is then I will let you know. It is Flashlight Brown, a great little pop-punk type band from the Toronto area (originally from Guelph but we won't hold that against them;).

Oh, those two people in the last frame are my sister Danielle and brother Ryan and that is exactly what they would say if they didn't like a comic. That is why I like to run a lot of stuff by my family if I am unsure about it. They will give me their honest opinion about what they see even if it is not good. We are very supportive of each other but we will let each other know if something sucks:)