Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

Bonus comic time: I have added in a bonus comic for anyone that makes a vote for us over at Buzz Comix. Once you confirm the vote you will be given another comic to enjoy. I heard about this being done over at VG Cats and thought is was a great idea.

It is a little strip about LL Cool J and how he testified for the RIAA (everyone's favorite organization). I got the idea (well more or less stole the joke) for the comic from a post on the secretarcade.com forums (a forum for music that is mainly Canadian indie) which is why I am just putting it as a bonus strip. I wouldn't feel totally right using someone elses joke as a regular strip. I will try to update this bonus strip often but it will be pretty random so keep checking back everyday (I won't be announcing all of them as I do them).

Also, there is a new member to the Penciler's guild. The new member is none other that Ron from Hello Cruel World. I put in the good word for Ron to be added to the group and I don't think anyone will be disappointed with what he can do.