Thursday, January 1st, 2004

I hope that everyone had a super great new years, weather it was spent sitting around watching the tube or partying down with a load of friends or hanging just reading a book or what ever.

You may notice characters that don't belong in my strip in todays comic. That is because we are doing a crossover for the next few weeks. The crossover is with Ron from Hello Cruel World and I am very excited to be doing it. We were also originally planning on having Tim from Bug and Slug involved but shortly after we started discussing it his computer got fried so he wasn't able to join us.

Go and check out Ron's lead in story to this at Hello Cruel World and check back every Thursday over there for his side of the story.

Time for me to head out.

Just a reminder that Taking the Bi-pass now has a forum. Thanks again to Brian Maze (some might know Brian from Mouser) for setting this all up. I hope people will enjoy themselves over there and it will grow into something really great. Signup and start chating!