Tuesday, January 6th, 2004

The crossover with Ron Braun over at Hello Cruel World is fully under way now. Head over to his site to check out more of what is happening at this crazy party.

I am going to be doing my regular Tuesday and Thursday updates and Ron is going to put stuff up on Wednesday and Thursday so there is going to be lots of action going on with all these characters.

Also of note in webcomic land is Bug and Slug is back in action. Tim finally has a working computer again and is starting things all over again over at his site.

And last but not least you may notice a character from Mouser in todays comic. Well Brian has ended that strip but not to worry he is just about ready to unveil his latest creation, Freak Central. There are a few teasers up now and it looks like it is going to be a great read with the usually great art from Brian.

Just a reminder that Taking the Bi-pass now has a forum. Thanks again to Brian Maze (some might know Brian from Mouser) for setting this all up. I hope people will enjoy themselves over there and it will grow into something really great. Signup and start chating!