Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

Here is the latest in the crossover with Ron Braun over at Hello Cruel World.

So far it goes as follows:
1: Taking the Bi-pass
2: Hello Cruel World g/s Slug
3: Hello Cruel World
4: Taking the Bi-pass g/s Shred
5: Taking the Bi-pass g/s Max
6: Hello Cruel World g/s Dave & Tracy
7:Taking the Bi-pass g/s Zoe
8: Hello Cruel World
9: Taking the Bi-pass
10: Hello Cruel World
11: Taking the Bi-pass
12: Taking the Bi-pass

I don't think this is one of my better comics but I had no time tonight to make another one so I'll just have to live with it.

Just a reminder that Taking the Bi-pass now has a forum. Thanks again to Brian Maze (some might know Brian from Mouser) for setting this all up. I hope people will enjoy themselves over there and it will grow into something really great. Signup and start chating!