Monday, September 20th, 2004

No, I haven't just become an infinitly better artist over the weekend. This wonderful guest strip comes from John Lee, the amazing artist and creator of Suburban Tribe.

Also, you should go over to The Amoeba and check out the guest strip I did you Paul Tye. Then follow the link on his page to find out who he has done a guest strip for and so on and so forth...

You might be asking yourself what the special occation is for all these guest strips. Well, even if you aren't thinking that, I am going to tell you. Today is the official launch of Hyena Comics. What is Hyena Comics you ask? Well Hyena Comics is a comic group that has recently been formed by a group of like minded humour based web cartoonists.

And what an amazing group we have put together. Head over to the Hyena Comics webpage and check all the comics and creators involved. I couldn't have asked for a much better group of people to be involved with.

Also kicking things off today is With Friends Like These, the newest strip from Tim Andress. You might remember Tim's previous strip Bug and Slug but With Friends Like These won't be picking up where that left off. With Friends Like These is a much more raunchy comic but will still draw on Tim's great humour and art.

Also if you missed the big ending to the storyline I had going you can press here to watch the finale.