Tuesday, September 28th, 2004

As you may notice in this new comic I am trying a few new things with the art. I plan on playing with colour and style over the next little bit. Please let me know in the forum or in an email what you think of the style changes. The major change you will see in this comic is the way that I am drawing Jer's character. Tracy is not a fan of the new style but I kind of like it but I really want to know what others think.

About the topic of today's comic and the whole lockout by the NHL. I really haven't given it too much thought. I am just kind of sick of millionaire athletes whining about not making more money. I watch the special where the president of the NHLPA was on and it appears that most people are of my thinking on this as well. He got pelted with questions and comments on the topic with no sympathy for the fans. Hockey fans want hockey and it really looks like they are placing the blame squarely on the players (however they aren't listening and that is why I think this is going to be a really long lockout).

Just look at what baseball has turned into. Basically it is a small group of teams with massive payrolls putting out the competitive teams and making it boring and hopeless for everyone else. I would rather not see this happen and that is another reason why I see the salary cap as a positive for the game.