Thursday, March 10th, 2005

Yeah, todays joke is a little lame but we are celebrating comic #200. Also, as you can see I have been working on a new website design. I am still planning on adding to it but I had to switch the old one because I wasn't really happy with it.

A couple of links to pass along today as well. First a comic I have enjoyed for a while called The White Lightning Masters (of Love). A really fun and original page from the maker of Jayhoo and Jawhoo.

The other is a new strip called the Outer Circle that looks like it has plenty of potential.

For all you artist out there Hyena Comics has opened up it's doors for a limited time to submissions by comic artists interested in joining the group. If you have a comedy webcomic, and you're interested in joining Hyena Comics, then please send your submission in the forum via this thread. Good luck!