Tuesday, March 29th, 2005

First off I'd like to let everyone know that Hyena Comics has added three new members. We had some really good comics to choose from and there are a lot that I would have liked to see in the group but when the dust settled I couldn't be happier. We added The Asylumantics, Bob the Squirrel, and Dog Complex to the group.

This Friday (April 1st) will mark the 2 year anniversary of Taking the Bi-pass and I am pretty happy with the progress I have been making to improve things.

For anybody around the area, who would like to party down this Saturday, Tracy and I are having our Jack and Jill. We are having it out in Caledonia at the Lion's Hall. I am guessing if you know where Caledonia is then you will be able to find the Lion's Hall.