Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

I listen to a lot of indie music and love to go out and see live show in small venues but, as a group, indie rockers tend to take themselves a bit too seriously. This is why I have decided to take the month of April to make fun of musicians, indie rockers, scenesters, and the like.

To even things out I will also give some indie band links every day I update. To start I will give some link to some local acts (well one is now out in England). Go check out the links and support these hard working acts as it is not an easy life style in the least.

To start here is a link to a wonderful one man band and all 'round nice guy Mayor McCa. The Mayor has a new album coming out soon called 'cue are es tea you' and a great back catalog of albums (I think my favorite so far is 'Me Is He').

The other link I will give you today is for, the very creative artist, Wax Mannequin. Here is his myspace page to here some of the music (I'd suggest checking out Paper Snake).