Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

This isn't my favorite comic of the series but I couldn't resist including bad indie hair.

I guess today I will give some links to music that is a little different than the normal indie stuff. I'll start with a band called Coin that uses old videogame music and a female computer vocalist. I couldn't find a link with an mp3 to listen to but let me know if you can and I will add the link.

A band that I just found a few weeks ago that are kinda weird and fun are called Man Man. They play a variety of sounds and styles in their music which is cool. Another band that jumps genres really well is Estradasphere who you can hear here.

If you are more into the hip hop/nerd core scene you should check out MC Frontalot or Beefy. If you know any other good artits in this genre please let me know. If you like really happy dancey type stuff take a listen to Helen Love

Finally I will leave you with a link to Optiganally Yours who use old organ technologies to create much of their music. You can take a listen here.