Thursday, April 20th, 2006

If you came here looking for indie rocker jokes you might want to start here (go back further for "regular" comics). Once again, I am a fan of the music but some people take things too seriously. For the indie links today I am going to give some samples of some great indie bands that add a bit of a different live experience.

Let's start with Captured by Robots which is a band made up of robots and one human slave. I have seen this band a few times now and it amazes and entertains me every time. These robots aren't just Chuckie Cheese 'bots that pretend to play instruments. These robots actually make the music and they make it really well at that. if you get a chance to see them DO IT!!!

Speaking of robots, Servotron was a great band of "robots". They aren't together anymore but you should get some of their CDs. You can listen to one of their tracks on this page.

Then there is a band that I wish I could see live. I have missed them everytime they have come to the area but one day I hope to end this curse. The band I am talking about is the Aquabats. Here have a listen.