Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

What a scary thought! When stereotypes colide:)

Check out this piece of guest art that I received from Liam over at No Offence Taken. Wicked!

Here are some more music links for everyone to check out. I will start with a band called The Illuminati who have a more classic style rock sound. Here is the standard mypace link.

If you enjoy an old school metal sound I would have to suggest Goat Horn. Here's the rock! For a more raunchy country rock go for White Cowbell Oklahoma.

Sticking with a more country sound but far less noisy you should check out Cuff the Duke who I have just gotten into lately. Here is their myspace page for some music.

Here is one last link for the day for The Silver Hearts who play a very retro sound. I haven't heard from then in ages but I thought people should see them and of course here them.