Monday, December 17th, 2007

Some cool news and bonus comics for the holidays. Last friday I had a guest strip up at Dueling Analogs to give Steve a bit of a breather (with all the work he does around the webcomic world he deserves it). Hello to all the fans of Dueling Analogs that stopped by to check out my comic.

Also on Friday, a review of Taking the Bi-pass was put up on Fleen. Anne got my name wrong in the article but she I think I like the misprint:).

[[Dave is at the gas pumps paying for his fill up and has a weird look on his face]] Dave: I think I just found the worst Christmas gift. Dave: That gas station was selling gift cards. Who knows that little about someone? [[Cuts to two people talking]] Female: So what do you think we should get my brother for Christmas? Male: He's the one that drives the car right?