Thursday, July 10th, 2008

I am back from ConnectiCon and I had a great time. I saw a tonne of great stuff and met some really nice people while I was there. I will be throwing some links up from some of these people in the next little while (I am still a little disorganized from the trip).

Here is one that you can check out right away from Brian Wilson called Geist Panik about a girl who can see ghosts. This has a bit of mature material and language so be prepared. I got a small demo book of this comic and I was hooked right off the bat. I am terrible at explaining this stuff so go and check it out for yourself and I will try to put up some more links on Monday.

[[Pre-parenthood. Dave and Tracy are in a car listening to music]] {{Real Big Fish song is playing}} Radio: F!#k dieing, F!#k laughing, F!#k crying, F!#k this song, but mostly F!#k you. F!#k love, F!#k hate and friends following trends, F!#k this song, can't wait 'til it ends. F!#k everything, but F!#k you the most... {{They Might Be Giants children's album is playing}} [[Parenthood. Dave and Tracy again in a car listening to music]] Radio: F is for fun, F is for fun, F is for fakebelieve...