Monday, August 11th, 2008

Alright, here are a few more links from the people that I met at ConnectiCon.

I talked to Darren from Dear Pirate, which is a fun page where you can have a pirate anwser your questions. Come on, I know everyone has a question or two where only a pirate would do.

I also talked to Ed from Geek Tragedy, James from In His Likeness, and also the creator of A Girl and Her Fed. I didn't have much knowledge of these comics before going to the conference and I have lots of catching up to do.

I know there are a few more I am missing and I will try to add them Thursday with my next update and I am sure I will forget some after that as well.

[[Dave grabbing a bunch of snacks]] [[Dave brings the snacks into the room where there is already a pile of other junk food]] TV: Welcome to the Olympic Summer games. Jer: How do these guys stay so fit?